49th Anniversary of Malaysia Day

My husband came home one day and handed over to me one invitation card from The Malaysian Ambassador to Kuwait.  :: Ha ha okey tak ...

My husband came home one day and handed over to me one invitation card from The Malaysian Ambassador to Kuwait. 

:: Ha ha okey tak kelakar! ::

:: The translation ::

It is an invitation for a double celebration event hosted by the embassy in conjunction of 55th Anniversary of National Day of Malaysia and also 49th Anniversary of Malaysia Day. The event is hosted for all ambassadors in Kuwait and few selected Malaysian. The reason we got the invitation is because my husband is a treasurer for Malaysia Association of Kuwait (MAK).

:: We too, have KLCC here hee hee hee ::

The night started with arrival of guests, National Anthem song by both countries, Kuwait and Malaysia followed by cake cutting ceremony. And then guests started to roam around the banquet hall socializing, exchanging name cards and contacts and spreading networking. 

:: His Excellency Dato' Adnan Haji Othman and his spouse Datin Azlinda Rosli ::

Instead of sit down service, the concept for the dinner was more like station service where each station features a different kind of Malaysian authentic cuisine with banquet server standing by to serve the guests. Cocktail tables was set up around the ballroom so the guest can mingle around while enjoying their meal.

Among Malaysian delicacies prepared that night were as follows. The menu was tailor made by Datin Azlinda herself and she even "turun padang" to The Regency kitchen to help guiding the chefs and kitchen staff with the recipe and the preparation few days before the event.

:: Chicken and beef satay ::

:: One of the embassy's staff, Kak Gee generously helped to prepare two types of Malaysian dessert which is Kueh Seri Muka and Kueh Lapis as pictured above ::

Although most of the delicacies ended up tasted far cry from our authentic version, the effort and courages shown by the chefs and his staff deserved some recognition. 

:: Demo on the making of roti jala ::

:: Husband with representative from Brunei Embassy ::

:: New member on board, Mei Ling who just arrived at Kuwait for just 3 days during the event-Zaza-Nazar-yours truly and Kak Gee ::

:: The owner of most pictures used in this post aka official photographer for the night, Mr Megat and his lovely wife Kak Mala ::

:: Hubby with Mr Mohi ::

:: Wife to Somalia ambassador ( if I'm not mistaken) ::

Since the event involving a lot of ambassadors and VVIPs, it's only natural that the banquet hall was flooded with press and photographers from major newspaper doing their coverage. As expected, the event appeared in most of newspapers the very next day and one of it Al-Watan. This is my second appearance in international newspaper and the first was during Malaysian Food Bazar last spring so this is indeed a memorable event I shall cherish my whole life. Being a home maker isn't really that bad eh he he he...

Happy Independance Day and Malaysia Day to all my fellow countrymen. May Allah bless our country and showered us with peaceful and righteous ruler.

P/S : Picture credit to Mr Megat and Mr Muddy..

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