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My kitchen has been boring lately.. Yawnnnn! Zzzzzzzzzzzz... I had 2 dinner invitations this week, which is both by En Muddy's company. ...

My kitchen has been boring lately.. Yawnnnn! Zzzzzzzzzzzz... I had 2 dinner invitations this week, which is both by En Muddy's company. One was held at Fish Market few days back, considered as Syawal treat from the company. The other one is tonight actually, in conjunction of Sabri leaving Q8 for good so as per normal practice here, they'd be farewell party tonight at Nakhouza Restaurant @ Mahboula. Will write about both event later. Also, 2 of my friends from Abu Halifa ( Kak Ina & Siti) organised girl's day out at Al-Kout ( also will be post later, insya allah) few days back which was a blast. It seems like all above reasons causing my kitchen to be out of action.

As a start, I would like to introduce you to new addition in our family. Little Zara, nama di beri. Before you guys started to finger pointing at me, I would like to clarify that neither I took part in the naming process nor I co-erced them to named her with that name. It's all decided by Alis. Must have been related to most visited retailer by mummy & papa I reckon *wink wink wink*. Honestly I wanted to name her Hanna hahaha.

Presenting our baby Eyepet .........................................

:: Our Eyepet freshly hatched from egg. Isn't she adorable. As a newborn, she look damm cute and innocent. You just got to see her now, exactly 8 days old ! She got spiking shocking red fur, sometimes with zebra patches styling and gondola shirt. I knew I should never trust Zara under my husband care and Alis (she got somewhat weird fashion sense at times) ::

Moving on to what we had this few days.

:: Kacang Buncis with sotong ::

:: Salad timun + telur rebus. My father love this simple dish ::

:: Ayam masak sambal kicap ::

:: Ayam Bakar Madu + Sup Carrot and Broccoli + Sambal cili eaten with Nasik Ayam ::

:: Ayam Bakar Madu with gravy ::

:: Pau sambal aka burger Mesia Ayu. Reason nama Ayu, simply sebab shortening given by Ayu and resipi copy paste from blog Ayu. Ha ha ha mudah bukan?? Niat di hati nak buat kecik2 comel2 tapi dek kerna kejap kejap terpaksa meleraikan perang saudara kat depan, maka jadik la pau sambal besar penumbuk En Muddy ::

There's one funny moments I would like to share here when I made this pau sambal. U see, with the same adunan, you can actually make a few different type of things. It can be used for donut and also pizza base too. Just like I use same cek mek adunan to make keria out of it.

So as intended, I divided the doh into two. One part for pau sambal and another part for donut. Pau sambal for adult and donut for kids. It turned out that pau sambal pulak yg laku that day. Seeing this, I made an impulsive comment by mumbling this ......

"Laaaaa kalau tau kakak ngn adik tak nak makan donut, Mummy buat sume jadik Pau Sambal "

I was actually talking to myself, not expecting any answer. However, responding to my mumble Alis said this....

" Ala buat susah susah je mummy ni ! "

Muahaaahahahha.. hahahhhahahha

Mesti selalu dgr mummy cakap dekat auntie2 yang selalu bg makanan, wat susah susah jekkk... CUTE aite ? I mean casual ordinary random things that we always said sounded so cute and extra ordinarily funny when it comes from little person.

:: Donut selekeh yang tak laku. Sib baik sugar coated jek, kalau siap celup cekelat, letak almond, mmg kene paksa gak mkn yang ni. Jgn kacau pau sambal mummy hahaha ::

On other occasions, the girls was not been in their tip top health lately. The chronology of virus spread started from taxi driver who drove us back from Avenue to En Muddy, then En Muddy transfered the virus to Alis and Alis transfered it to Erin almost immediately. Luckily, I'm the only survivor in this outbreak. Good for me cause I dun heal fast. It will take up at least 2-3 weeks before I'd fully recover.

We just made do with medication stocks we bought from Malaysia. However, after a week of on/off high fever, we decided to visit Paediatrician at German Clinic near our place. This is our first visit to any clinic in Q8 by far hence we have no idea of what to expect. Of course I had asked around specially about the fees hahahha but still, sometimes real-time experience could differ. I am no fan of surprises specially the one involving money.

:: Before going to clinic. Alis's having very strong fever resulting to cranky-ness the whole day ::

The specialist clinic itself was a 3-4 storey high building and each floor consist of one department. Paediatrician was on 3rd floor, sharing with Laboratory Unit. Unlike hospital or clinics back home, there's no General Reception here. You just have to figure out yourself which floor you wanted to go from the directory board hung by the lobby lift. There will be receptionist on each floor to greet you. After open a file ( which cost us KD 12 = RM 120 +/-) per person, we then were asked to wait at the waiting area. There's few comfy sofa and magazine rack and flat screen showing MBC Max. Quite cozy. They also provided hot drinks ( not sure tea or coffee) in a thermal kettle on the side table. Not many patient that day hence we were called in not long after that. It was a very nice Indian lady doctor who attended to our case. After routine checkup, we were then given a prescription for pharmacy's reference.

Little view on the clinic. It was quite small and furnished with some old style furniture and medical instrument. U know, like old government owned klinik desa in Malaysia. The weight scale machine they used was this old antique version where the nurses need to adjust the beam balance so that the steel bar will be in straight vertical line before taking the reading. Damm so reminiscing. They still use paper filling system to keep patients record instead of online and their prescription still written on memo, like old clinic did hehehe.

:: something like this. Pic courtesy of Ebay ::

Paid our registration fee and then off we go to the pharmacy located outside the clinic building. Another difference of practice here was, their pharmacy look just like any private pharmacy in Malaysia. Just like Watson and Guardian, only smaller. They sell things like normal pharmacy did, plus they also catered for German Clinic patients. If GP clinic in Malaysia will have their closed pharmacy inside their clinic and cater only their registered patients, this pharmacy cater any walk in customer. So instead of having only clinic patients, there'd be also customers buying plasters, cotton bud, baby bottle and baby feeding sets and they even sell fake lashes and fake nails. No prescription needed though. However I'm not very sure about controlled drugs they had there. Maybe that kind of medication needs doctor's prescription or maybe not.

:: 2 bags of medications plus vitamins for the whole family. Apparently, medical system here kinda outdated, compared to Malaysia. When most vitamins or supplements bottle in Malaysia comes with silicone gel, theirs still stuffed with cotton. Classic and nostalgic sungguh. If I'm not mistaken, last time I saw that kind of packaging in Malaysia was when I was in high school. Around 10 years back. Ermmm. The plastic bag was nice though compared to Malaysian clinic :) ::

As a closing, here a little story bout Erin. Before that, I am peng-geli kinda person. I'll wash my bathroom almost everyday if I dun feel it's clean enough to my judgement. When Erin was still under potty training, there's few accidents where she poo-ed on the floor despite my constant reminder to poo in the toilet causing me to become hysterical. Some people might say, Ala taik anak sendiri pun nak geli. To me, poo is still poo. No matter who is the owner. I am geli at my own one, left alone others. So everytime she wanted to poo, I will remind her again and again to do it in the toilet bowl, not floor, not anywhere else. Not enough with that, I'll kept checking every 1 minutes and it's really pissed her off hahahah.

Today, they was playing and I am updating my blog, this post to be exact when I feel the urge to go toilet. And so I told Alis that I'm going to toilet for a while....

Mummy : Kakak, mummy nak gi toilet kejap tau, jangan tutup mummy punye work. Mummy belom save lagik..

Alis : Okay.. mummy nak kencing ke berak?

Mummy : Berak ! ( and rushing to toilet)

Suddenly, I heard little voice coming from Erin.

Erin : Mummyyy.. Eyak dayam toiyet ehhh mummy... Jangan eyak atas yantai ehhh mummy... ( Complete with concerned face - just like mine. Plus worried note - just like mine and hand gesture - just like mine )

Mummy : LOL ( laughing and rolling on the floor)

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