.. of latest us circa June 2013

Salam to all.. Hope all is well. As for me, besides the usual package that comes with pregnancy like back aches, muscles pain, coughing ...

Salam to all..

Hope all is well. As for me, besides the usual package that comes with pregnancy like back aches, muscles pain, coughing and drastic phobia of weigh scale machine, I am doing great in case any of you've been wondering he he he.

Anyway, I paid a visit to my favorite gynae while I was in Malaysia, Dr Raja, for routine checkup and also to get consent letter to travel since I'm already in my third trimester. She's the one who received Erin 5 years ago if you must know.

Without further due, presenting baby no 3... This is the best image we can get out of her because as per Dr Raja, there's too much ( too long?) umbilical cord and coincidentally, the cords were gathered in front her face thus it was difficult to get clearer image so we settled in with whatever we can get. Do not know whether it's a good or a bad thing, the long umbilical cords I meant. Nevermind then, I am going to meet her very very soon insha allah..

:: She was drinking air ketuban when this image was captured. Her mouth can be clearly seen mengunyah ngunyah and although this is like what, probably my 40th time doing ultrasound, the image never failed to amaze me. Subhanallah .. ::

On another note, Erin completed her pre-school session last 2 weeks and we attended her graduation day to which I will blog about it some other day. This got me thinking, by this September, Alis will be in her Year 2, Erin will started her Year One and my life as a mother of 3 will too begin. Phewwww please pray for our smooth journey..

Moving on to more delicious topic.. As far as I can recall, my post usually not complete without food story.

My girls are currently on summer holiday till early September so they're basically home 24*7. And since it's almost 40 degree C out there, we spent most of our times indoor rather than outdoor which could only mean 2 things. They don't have much to do and they got hungry ALL the time! I had to do triple the cooking than I usually did. Still, regardless the fact that they drove me crazy and pushing me to the edge of my patience every day, I couldn't imagine not having them with me, period.

So here's what we have for the past weeks mostly from my insta-feed with caption I used.. Hopefully I don't bored you too much :)

:: Nasi Minyak Terengganu - "All you need is love. But a little carbs now and then doesn't hurt" 
I can smell self-denial here ha ha ha :: 

#Simple cookies baking project to keep them busy... "I am still convinced that a good, simple, homemade cookie is preferable to all the store-bought cookies one can find" 

.......errrr with an exception for Famous Amos cookies :)

"And yet, I've been questioning where all those extra kilos came from!! Duuhhhhh "

We had late lunch few days ago so I decided to bake bread for dinner. 

:: Sweet bun or roti naik ::

:: After ::

:: A must Red Bean bun before ::

:: After ::

Often when I baked, the result is either one or another. Awfully taste good looking bread OR tasty ugly bread. Miraculously, this batch I made looked and tasted alright. Alhamdullilah..

And as for today, I cooked Curry Spaghetti. I was coughing since 2 days ago and couldn't get much sleep lately. I was not in a good shape due to sleep deprived in the morning when my husband came back from night shift so he asked me to sleep in and he went out for some errand after quick shower. I only woke up at 10:30 am and immediately noticed that he had fried sausages for the girls's breakfast and tend to them while I was sleeping eventhough he himself didn't sleep much last night due to work. Of course I'm feeling guilty but at the same time grateful for having understanding and caring man as my husband. I wouldn't want anyone else.

It's 30 minutes before 11 and I don't have much time left to prepare for lunch so I decided to whip up something simple although my husband said not to cook today and just rest. He will ordered something online for our lunch. Since I had my rest, I decided to just cook and all my mind could think of is Curry Mee. 

I substituted mee kuning with spaghetti because making a homemade mee kuning from scratch within 1/2 hour time sounded impossible. Just boil your spaghetti longer than usual and add a pinch of tumeric powder to create the mee kuning look alike he he he. Taraaaaaa.....

:: I bet one wouldn't be able tell the different if I didn't tell right? ::

:: Bumbu bumbu nya.. Mee Curry is best eaten with kerang and tauhu pok but I don't have any in stock. Infact, there's no kerang in Kuwait and I never have tauhu pok in my fridge ha ha ha so I just used whatever I have laaaa. Beggars can't be chooser eh.. ::

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