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We went back to Malaysia last 2 weeks. It was adhoc and last minute decision since we're actually planning to go back on November, aft...

We went back to Malaysia last 2 weeks. It was adhoc and last minute decision since we're actually planning to go back on November, after I give birth. However, Allah has better plan. Unfortunately, our trip was only for a very short length of time so our schedule was a bit hectic and thorough plan was needed in order to get everything on the list done.

In short, the reason we came back to Malaysia was because of.........

1) Nasi kandar

2) Nasi kandar

3) Nasi kandar

4) Nasi kandar again

5) Hubby got training!

Ha ha ha ha ha...

Okay la, to be fair, I also need to take some of Erin's old baby stuff. Considering that the 3rd one is also going to be a girl, Insya Allah, I foresee a lot of hands me down hehehe.. 

:: At the airport. Switching from hot summer mode to tropical mode ::

:: Isi perut before boarding ::

Flight went smooth although I couldn't close my eyes for even a single second. Definitely not because I'm nervous or excited or whatnot. It just that travelling while being 7 months pregnant, during summer holiday, which well known as favorite season for Arabs to fly out country to somewhere cooler to avoid the extreme heat, is not really a good idea. I am beyond uncomfortable and felt miserable the whole journey. What's with the jam packed flight where there's no room  to breath or extra leg room. Even going to toilet is an obstacles because flight is full and people were dozed off in various pattern and some were even blocking the pathway. I don't feel comfortable disturbing flyers whom deep in sleep so I had to wait for meal time to make my toilet round. Try being heavily pregnant, leg swollen, no position of seating can offer you comfort, leg down, leg up, on your right side, on your left side -nallaaa... and then having had to hold your pee for 3-4 hours! I can't even begin to describe the torment ... :(

We arrived slightly late than schedule because of 45 minutes delay at Qatar Airport. My family was already at KLIA, immediately transfer the girls's bag into my father's car and off they went to Johor Bahru to attend my cousin's wedding. I couldn't join because I'm in no position to make another 5 hours trip by road and we're going to Lumut a day after since hubby got 1 week training so for the whole next week, it will be just me, hubby and lil bun in the oven. Therefore I decided to treat the next whole week as babymoon and short getaway while hubby attend his training.

Anyway, before leaving for Lumut, there's another thing I've been wanted to do. Put nasi kandar aside, this is  way more important and vital at that moment. Prenatal Massage!

There is number of spas that offered prenatal massage in Kuwait but it was more expensive and lacked of option. I googled a bit and found a few that I really like. Ohh I made a profound discovery too. I just knew that Clarins did offer prenatal massage. Never had thought of that as Clarins is more known for it's skincare products. Among many spas that offered prenatal massage, I picked Poise Organic Wellness Studio, simply because the location is the nearest to my house, reviews is good, they had empty slot the next morning and they're by far the cheapest ha ha ha.. 

Hubby dropped me off and went to Mid Valley to kill his time during my 2 hours treatment.

The spa is located at Jalan Klang Lama, behind Pearl Point. They rented the whole 2 stories bungalow and turned it into spa. Direction wise, quite easy to find because the spa is located by the main road side.

While waiting for my masseuse to get ready, I was served hot herbal tea and presented with a tray of various oil for me to choose in my session according to my preference. 

:: I picked Relax Rub as recommended by the masseuse because pregnant lady is not advised to take scented oil ::

Well, as for the package, I chose Mother To Be package which cost only RM 99 per hour and I opted for 1 hour 1/2 treatment which cost me RM 148. The most well spent RM 148 I ever made during this trip, I must say. Beside this package, they offer many many more treatment you can pick up to your liking. They even has massage package for babies.

My masseuse named Wani and she's very very good. She knows exactly what she's doing and dealing with and unlike other massage treatment I went before where I can't feel any different before and after treatment at times, I can actually felt relieved, my muscle loosen and soften and I actually felt lighter. Her massage was spot on and pleasure at the same time. The amount of pressure was just nice but effective. Seriously, she was that good.. Like I said, the most well spent few hundred bucks during the whole trip!

After done with my treatment, I was served with another cup of hot spicy ginger-ish herbal tea that tasted and smelled exactly like kuah ikan siakap steam.

The owner, a young chinese lady came to me and called me by my name despite we're not being properly introduced earlier and we had a light casual  chat. She wasn't there when I came in the morning. There's just something about good and warm hospitality beside good services because warm welcome and hospitality that's usually produces repeat and regular customers. 

So yeah, am one satisfied customer and I totally recommend them for both excellence service and price wise. 

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