Ticking the checklist..

Or at least about half of it, alhamdullilah ... As I said, our schedule is quite hectic so we tried to make the best out of time that we ha...

Or at least about half of it, alhamdullilah ... As I said, our schedule is quite hectic so we tried to make the best out of time that we have.

:: The very first drink that came to mind ha ha ha. What Malaysian without Teh Tarik eh? This is basically our  national anthem ::

:: Yong Tau Fu. My pasar malam must-have-item ::

The next day, we made a move to Lumut as my husband's training started on Tuesday. We stayed at Swiss Garden Damai Laut for all those 4 days although my parents did owned a house at Sitiawan. Simply because the company covers the lodging, easier for me to get a lunch by staying at hotel rather than home because I'd be car-less during the day, and because I felt like having a short holiday. So why not? 

:: On the way to Lumut via old Kuala Selangor route. I made my husband stopped and buy me this he he he. Along the way we kept making a stop because of me. Let's see, there's goreng pisang stop, air kelapa pandan stop, fruit stall stop and I even tried to make her stop when I saw pau panas stall ha ha ha ::

:: Jambu madu with petis.. Blisssssss ::

:: Char Kuey Teow near Pasar Warisan, Manjung. Kerang is his and prawn is definitely yours truly's. New favourite! We had this two nights in the row ::

:: He bought me a kilo of this after training one day so that I can have it in room if I felt somewhat hungry during the day ::

:: My mum whatsapp me this photo of the girls feasting on siput sedut like they don't have any care in the world and I really thought they would be devastated and missing us dearly ha ha ha ::

Most of the time, we ate outside the hotel but during one of the night, he had set an appointment for massage so it was more convenient to eat in the hotel restaurant. There's few restaurants inside hotel for us to choose from and I chose their BBQ and seafood restaurant by the sea called The Gayam. 

:: OOTD.. Lycra dress from PTB-chiffon cardigan from PMJTAR-tudung Ariani.. If you was wondering, PTB stands for Pasar Tani Bangi and PMJTAR is Pasar Malam Jalan TAR ha ha ha. Baju pasar malam je ade jugak hati nak OOTD !! ::

:: At my 30 weeks. I indeed looked very very 'healthy' don't I? Heheheh perkembangan yang sangat memberansangkan ::

:: They had buffet style that costs RM 76 per pax. As for the seafood stall, we arrived slightly earlier so it wasn't ready yet as the chef just started the grilling bit so he made an effort to sent few plates of a little bit of this and that to our table after he's done with the first batch. If you like a second helping, you may request again or just take the grilled one from the buffet counter ::

:: Fat, plump and juicy.. Their chicken bbq also very very tasty and totally recommended ::

We left Lumut after his 4 days training is complete. By then, my mother and father in law has already arrived in Bangi from Terengganu to meet and spend few days with us considering that we have only few days left. I knew it was going to be short term balik kampung but never expected time to flew this fast.

That night, my husband decided to treat his family to a nice meal so we picked Perantau Hill restaurant at Sg Merab. Neither any of us have tried this place before but the place always jam packed every time we passed by.

What we ordered that night. Nothing unusual, just normal typical menu we always order during dine out..

:: Siakap sweet and sour ::

:: Siakap masak perantau ::

:: Sotong masak curry, chef recommendation ::

:: Kailan Ikan Masin ::

:: Telor bungkus ::

:: Ikan selar bakar for father in law because he didn't eat siakap or any type of big fish ::

We also ordered sate willy. My opinion is, sate willy is the only thing that worth recommendation. The rest was so so tapi abes la jugak ha ha ha.. Tak baik membazir.. Sighhhh...

:: This is taken at Wangsa Walk, during our yearly sushi fix. The only makan makan part I don't really enjoy hahaha ::

:: Unagi and raw salmon. Urghhhhhh I've been married to him for 8 years by now but I still can't stand the view of him chewing raw salmon and unagi. And worst, now I have 2 kids with exactly same liking for raw stuff!! ::

:: Old Town ABC. Our staple food. We had this all the time, day and night, without failed ::

:: Another thing that we couldn't afford to miss is ayam kampung. We usually had ours at Restaurant Tuan Faridah Puchong, or Velodrome Cheras. This one however, was from another restaurant near Tuan Faridah because Tuan Faridah is closed that day ::

:: My plate ::

:: Erin and siput sedut, tak bleh dipisahkan ::

:: Alis opted for nasi ayam instead ::

The night before we left for Kuwait, we brought my family to Dagang Avenue for Burger Bakar Abang Burn. Honestly, since everyone is talking about burger bakar almost everywhere, FB, blog and whatnot, the visit to their stall was merely out of curiosity. I really want to see what was the hype is all about because based on experience being Malaysian, sometimes certain stuff tends to get exaggerated especially when celebrities got involved and again, this time I wasn't all wrong. 

In all honesty, personally I don't really think burger bakar was really that great. But considering this coming from someone who doesn't eat meat, so I can say that my view is biased because I had tasted only their chicken burger. The patty was too dry and nothing really stands out that makes me crave for more. On another note, according to my husband whom tried both beef burger and meatball, he said the taste was not really bad but not impressive either. We certainly had better! However, their effort in coming with something different and innovative totally deserved a mention.

:: Beef burger double layer ::

:: Beef burger single layer ::

:: Meatball with cheesy wedges ::

So long Malaysia.. 'Five' of us will see you again next year, Insya Allah. 

Hellooooww desert!

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