M.A.K Sukan Rakyat Winter 2012

M.A.K stands for Malaysian Association of Kuwait , errrr I think so. It should be something along those line. Generally it was a group found...

M.A.K stands for Malaysian Association of Kuwait, errrr I think so. It should be something along those line. Generally it was a group founded to gather all Malaysian living in Kuwait and was actively organizing activities all year round for it's associated members. If you refer to my older older posts, most of the activities I joined which involving massive group of Malaysian was basically of those who organised by MAK. Eidul Fitri & Eidul Adha Celebration, Korban event, BBQ session end of last summer, just to name a few.

Last Friday, I had an opportunity to join another annual event by them called Sukan Rakyat. This is my 1st sukan rakyat experience and 2nd for En Muddy. I don't really have much to expect since it's my first but I was hoping to bring back tonnes of fun and good memories... ermmmm and a few extra kilos heheh. The event was held at Ahmadi Park. Despite a hype about weather being forecasted to be 0 degree with strong wind and sand storm, the turn up was pretty impressive.

Lives up to it's name - Sukan Rakyat, attendees were encouraged to don Baju Kebangsaan as in Baju Melayu and Baju Kurung, you know, to reflect the image of suasana kampung and despite temperature being circa 17 degree and below, many showed up with full baju kurung and baju melayu to shows support to the organizer.

Breakfast and lunch was potluck theme and everyone, everybody chipped in something and as a result, we had a spread of foods worth a small kenduri. Heaven to stomach but definitely hell to waist.

Me as usual, with my old same dilemma every time I had makan makan invitation. I am contemplating of what to bring and with my limited culinary skills and number of food I'm actually know how to cook being limited to maybe 10 kah kah kah, the choices was not that wide yet still I'm having hard time to decide. Anyhow, final top pick was Nasi Lemak ( yeah yeah I know, very cliche) ha ha ha. On attempt to make my dish looks or at least sound fancier and have a feeling of gerai2 dekat kampung to suits the theme, I prepare 2 type of Sambal. Sambal Udang and Sambal Ikan Bilis. My initial plan was to prepare more variation, like ayam rendang, sambal sotong, paru goreng, sambal daging, therefor people can choose what they like.. alah macam kita beli kat gerai tepi2 jalan..

Unfortunately, we woke up fashionably late, say about 7:45 am that morning because of 2 reasons. One is we reached home from KAFA class quite late the night before and the second reason being, Erin was throwing midnite tantrum. She'cried and mumbled and screamed and being difficult for only Allah knows why. Maybe suka and active sangat main with her friends after KAFA class. I had to dokong her around the house for almost half an hour to get her to sleep. She finally slept at 1 am only to woke up and crying like mad again shortly after that. The second phase of "Erin buat perangai" episode was taken care by my husband cause I really have no energy left and I need to wake up early to cook and yada yada yada yada. As a result, we ended up with only 2 sambals heheh ( alasannnnn sangattt)

:: I pre-packed 20 packs like this also for 2 reasons. Eh kita main nombor 2 jek arini eh heheh.. 1st = to make it easy for everyone to eat when everything is assemble in one container. 2nd = to make it easy for me so I don't have many containers to wash later on after the event. Win-win situation ! ::

:: Picnic site ::

:: "Istana Hinggap". A must have for outdoor activities ::

After done with makan makan, few game were started and the rest of it will be continued after Jumaat prayer. Some of the games they had that day was all with kampung-theme of course which is Ting-ting, konda kondi, batu seremban & congkak.

:: Ting ting junior ::

:: Ting ting senior. However there's no acara ting ting for ladies for something I believed to be "safety" reason. As we know it, this game involved few difficult steps that needs the player to melompat and terkangkang hahahha.. Since the venue was at open public park with other visitors roaming around, plus most of mak mak came with baju kurung, sebarang activity yang melibatkan pose mengangkang, meloncat, menonggeng adelah amat tidak digalakkan. Takut ade yang budak-budak nightmare lepas balik dari Sukan Rakyat muahahah ::

:: There's 2 team that day. Rumah Merah and Rumah Hitam. We're in team rumah merah and as you can see above, Panglima Muddy was on his way to "berjuang" mengalahkan musuh dalam konda kondi :). Paaaaaaaa... fighting! ::

:: Game for ladies which consists of game sopan sambil duduk bersimpuh. Congkak and batu seremban. I menang u' olls! Lihat lah duniaaaaaa. Pic credit to K.Sham ::

:: Ija, champion Batu Seremban. Also pic by K.Sham ::

:: The Makciks ::

:: This game called Baling Selipar kan? We had this and also baling tin ::

:: I had my tried on konda kondi and failed big time. Acik tak reti laaaa.. Acik kecik-kecik main monopoly dengan scrabble... muahahha..haktuihhhhh. Padahal main lompat getah yo! ::

:: My 1 minute of fame and failure. I successfully embarrassed myself in front of at least 20 viewers hahaha. Takpe takpe takpe, at least I tried :). Can you see the stick? Jatuh adelah around 5 metre in front of me kah kah kah. My opponents team definitely had an easy time with me ::

:: Some funny moments by Seri. We all laughed till our jaws numbed. We definitely had a good time laughing at each others's silly moments ::

:: Me, ayu and budak K-Pop hensem ::

:: Concentration ::

:: Mommies ::

:: Irdina & Erin ::

The events was adjourned around 3 pm as the weather started to gets colder and uglier. I'm pretty sure everyone had a good time despite little hiccups here and there. Looking forward for my next Sukan Rakyat experience next year Insya Allah.

Till the time comes, I can definitely see a lot of konda kondi practice session needed.

Bring it on!

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