Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pau sambal

I had two lunch invitations today, both from my building neighbors. After contemplating, I've decided to bring Pau Sambal. This is my first attempt using this recipe and I must say I'm loving it. Firstly because I didn't need to rest the dough like other recipes I've tried before. Secondly, the bun turned out to be very soft even after quite sometimes. Thanks a lot to the recipe owner... Anyway, if you like your bun to be sweeter, I suggest to put 3 spoons of sugar instead of 2 as recommended in the recipe.

I didn't have flower mold so I just used whatever mold there is in my kitchen.

:: Before goreng ::

:: After goreng ::

:: I need to work out some more on my dough, maybe kept practicing till I find the perfect texture because some of em' kept cracking lepas goreng. Or maybe minyak panas sangat kah? Or minyak tak cukup panas kah ? Or tak cukup uli kah ? ::

Alhamdullilah, tiada pembaziran and so far none of them had sakit perut, errrrrr maybe not yet hehe... Even my husband requested to bring some to office. He's never a fan of kuih muih, so when the request like that came from him, I guess I did quite okay :)

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anisq8 said...

Salam Zura, boleh bagi resepi tak? Macam best je. Thanks


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