Iftar (second week of Ramadhan)

I dun catalogued my pictures according to the day it was taken. I am messy that way hahah so I dun really remember what day and date I cook ...

I dun catalogued my pictures according to the day it was taken. I am messy that way hahah so I dun really remember what day and date I cook this menu. I guess I'll put up as weekly food picture lah ehh...At least, the week should be correct.

{ I wanted to give my 1st floor neighbour something for Iftar hence I made this roti jala. I use around 1/2 kg flour, and this is the only pieces survived for Iftar. Not that my roti jala taste super extra tasty or what, it is just that my kids are that hungry, even tough they had been fed earlier. Note to myself : Make more food. Kids need more food.}

{ I have a crave for cekodok pisang, planned to do it for berbuka but Alis insisted to have it for her breakfast. Luckily, I have a very considerate girl, she left me 3 ketul tergolek2 for berbuka. The thought that count haha. Owhh I passed Alis's SIRIM finally. She said, " Haaa camni la cekodok bulat nenek buat". Duuuuhhhh}

{ Ayam masak sambal serai, just because my mum mentioned she cooked it for berbuka the other day}

{ My plate. After 1/2 hour standing, menebar jala, this is all I have, alhamdullilah nonetheless }

There's one last piece of roti jalan left, so I asked Alis :

Me : Kakak nak tak roti jala ni?

Alis : Hmmm * chew chew* .. takper.. biar dulu..

Me : Kalau taknak mumy makan lah...

Alis : Ehhh takper takper kakak nak hehehheehe * quickly grabbed the last piece*

Me : * sulking* hahahhaa

{ I told husband, I wanted to cook Asam Rebus bendi coz teringin and all he could reply was hmmmmmm. Clearly not his favorite. However, de yg makan lebih hahaha}

{ Backup sayur for husband since he doesn't really support my asam rebus idea when I proposed. Looks like, asam rebus is the winner yeayyy}

{ Ayam masak lemak cili padi - for me :). This dish and newborn smell does give same effect on me in a very weird funny way. Smelling both never failed to make me stone}

I had dilemma while cooking on that particular day. Husband and Alis requested for chicken curry. Erin anything also can as long as food. Me, I just have to had Lemak Cili Api that day since I've kept it pending for so long. Just too lazy to cook so many dishes since husband more like a sweet tooth person and kids still too small to eat this extreme dish. I still need to make curry anyway to be pair with my roti jala. So what do we do now ?

Let's have both hahha.. My mum texted me asking for what I cooked for Iftar and I texted back Kari Ayam and Ayam masak lemak cili api. She commented on my choices of dishes of course, as clear as blue sky, I had two chicken dish at the same time. What to do... I had to have my lemak cili api, that day, no negotiation kah kah kah. Anyway, as my shout out in FB that day, nothing beats the smelled of boiling Ayam masak lemak cili api filled your kitchen space. It's surely bring back kampung memory in me.. I'll definitely put on kain batik if I had one.. More feel, more syiok hahahha..

{ Sekaya}

For those who didn't know of this kuih, or 1st time heard of Sekaya, I have only 1 thing to say, Kita serupaaaa... hahahhaa

Husband 1st mentioned about sekaya last few months when we were invited to Irfan birthday bash ( our 2nd floor neighbour). Obviously, there's someone brought Sekaya that day and husband manage to savor few pieces of it. Me, on the other hand, doesn't even know how sekaya looks like so when he told me about that nice sekaya he ate, I went like : Huhhhh Sekaya???? The Sekaya story ends that day and was never mentioned again till recently.

Being Tranung boy, it's not a secret on how he was bred with liking for sweet delicacies. Me, on another side, not belong to any particular state as I can be Perakian, Johorian, Singaporean and Malaccan for all I know, always a spicy kinda of person. My favorite kueh was more like Karipap, Popiah and murtabak.

Since day one of Iftar, he kept mentioned how nice it is to have sekaya, sort of must have kueh during ramadhan in his hometown. So, being good-kind-hearted wife, I offered him to make Sekaya, provided I have all the ingredients. Well, it turned out that I had all the ingredients needed. By the way, almost all Terengganu desserts made of lotssss of egg, lotssss of sugar and maybe flour. Pretty simple ingredients one should have in their kitchen.

Next step, open your laptop.

No no no.. you dun cook sekaya using laptop, but use it to googled the recipi hehe. Here is the thing, there are so many Sekaya recipi found when I searched Sekaya. There's Sekaya Pulut, Sekaya Bakar, Roti Sekaya and Sekaya only. I never eat, make or buy any sekaya before, my entire life. I dun even know how Sekaya look like. To be able to cook something, the minimum requirement is at least you know how the "something" looks like. So I let husband decide on which recipe he thinks was right. I'm pretty sure he must have seen his mum or aunts make sekaya at least once, so he should be the one to decide. He browsed the net for few minutes and then decided to pick one, that according to him, matched what his mum taught him before.

So let's get to work. The instruction said dillute 2 cup of sugar with 1/2 cup of water till becoming gula hangus. I did exactly what the instruction ask, however it turned into keria coating sugar flake. I went in front, check the recipe again and felt something is not right as the Sekaya picture shown in the net, looks like as if it was some kind of kueh that need steam or bake. U know, bingka-like, but the recipe we've been following, doesn't ask us to steam or bake or whatnot. Since hubby insisted it's correct, I proceeded anyway.......

Next step was to pour 500 gm of coconut milk.. I had canned coconut milk that stated 500 ml. Does anybody knows how to convert ml to gram? Please teach me will you?

Case in point, I've tried to measure my coconut can with my digital bathroom scaler hahaha. No luck since the minimum it could measure was 1 kg. So I've put 2 can on the scaler. If it shows 1 kg, it means 1 can should weighted 500 gm rite? I always knew I can be creative under pressure. Again, no luck. Scaler screen show error. So "my assistant chef " said , just pour the whole can. Well, it's his sekaya after all, so I obeyed. I pour the whole can of santan and start stir like crazy woman. Next instruction said : Biarkan adunan betul2 sejuk.. Out of sudden...

" Mummy... kite dah salah resipi la... Tu resipi utk Kaya sapu roti tuh !!! "

Pfffftttttt...... !@#$%^ .. the next scene was too violent to be revealed here. hahahhahha...

So, long story cut short, he managed to get the correct recipe this time and I made above Sekaya successfully. True enough, the actual process of making Sekaya involved steaming. He ate the whole tray, of course. It's either the sekaya taste sooo good, or he just acted out of guilt after wasted my 2 cup of sugar and whole can of coconut milk kah kah kah.

{ This is how it looked like if we turn the tray upside down. Husband said the texture was right, the taste was good and it looks just like sekaya in his hometown's bazar Ramadhan, only mine was a bit thinner. It should be thicker according to him. Well, if follows everything according to him, my sekaya pic today will looks no different from Kaya cap kipas udang you guys have in your fridge. Maybe he wanted to sabotage me. Cannot trust this guy! }

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